Things To Know About Winter Maintenance and Snow Removal

Towns experiencing extreme winter must offer the best snow removal services. Maintaining the roads and keeping it free from snow is a challenging task. It is important to clear snow from sidewalks and paths. This would ensure the safety of the people travelling on the roads. You can reach out Guelph Maintenance for professional snow removal services. Find out more on the various steps taken for winter maintenance and snow removal.

Parking Restrictions

Towns that experience extreme snowing must follow certain winter parking restrictions. Thus vehicles cannot be parked on roads between to 7 am during the months of the winter season. This would permit the easy removal of snow from the streets.

Winter Maintenance Event

Towns schedule winter maintenance events during winter storms. This event ensures the removal of parked vehicles on the road. Winter maintenance event is carried out from Nov 15th to April 15th. This makes it easy for the town to perform various snow removal operations at ease.

Service Levels

Service levels are planned by towns as a part of the winter maintenance tasks. Snow plowing services are offered in the roads by following a primary and secondary route system. Roads with high-volume traffic are dealt with primary importance. Initial plowing pass is offered to primary roads followed by the secondary roads. T These service levels ensure proper winter maintenance of roads based on priority.

Snow Removal In Sidewalk

The sidewalk of a town must be cleared of snow for every 48 hours during the scheduled winter event. The right choice of snow removal tools ensures proper removal of snow in the sidewalks. Make use of plows for removing snow in the sidewalk. The sidewalk must be free from vehicles for improved snow removal.

Clearing Snow In Driveways

After a snowfall it would not be possible to drive your vehicle on the snow. Removal of snow in the driveway is essential. Make sure to keep the cleared snow on your property. Always pile the snow to the right side of the driveway. Remove your parked car off the road during the snow removal task.

Winter Walking Safety

People find it difficult to walk on the snow accumulated roads. The following would ensure safe winter walking.

  • Make sure to clear ice from hydrants and catch basins.
  • Do not push the snow from parking area to the adjacent public land.
  • Reduce your driving speed during and after a winter storm. This ensures the safety of people walking sideways.
  • Never park vehicles over the sidewalk.

Tips For Safe Winter Maintenance

  • Follow the following to ensure safe maintenance and to avoid danger due to snow
  • Residents must keep the road allowances free from cars, curbs, fences, posts and hedges. Removing these obstructions can prevent damage to private property.
  • The fire hydrants on your properties must be kept free from snow. This would help firefighter to access fire hydrants in case of fire accidents.
  • Avoid placing garbage bins on top of the snowbank. It ensures easy removal of waste during winter.
Safe Winter Maintenance